Ten on Tuesday

October 8, 2013


1. September 20th I turned 30. I was really stressed out about turning 30. I thought I would suddenly wake up feeling different. I have to tell you though it is not that much different. (blog post to come.)

2.  Gravity. SPOILER ALERT: The clowny Indian astronaut dies, the shitty Russian Space station has no fuel and is completely worthless and the crappy Chinese space station will catch fire for no apparent reason. American exceptionalism wins in the end.

3. I need a beach retreat. I know it is only October and not even that cold yet but I need the sun and sand. Let the planning commence.  Puerto Rico? Florida? Hawaii?

4. I have been rather obsessed with singing songs with my 13-year-old nephew some include:

What does the Fox say?

Paula the Koala.

5.  Back on the attack at the gym. Feels good to be back at it and not to be wasting my monthly membership fees. You can see me tonight on the Elliptical. I am also food planning and logging. Only day 3 but I am doing great. I love taking back control.

6.  I went on a church retreat this previous weekend. Yes you read correctly a church retreat. It was with a dear friend of mine and her church. I simply adored the women I met and felt the teachings were amazing. The speaker was amazing plus I got a hot stone massage. Win Win.

7.  I am still watching Lost daily at work. I am on season 3 and I have to admit I am not liking it as much this season. Also what is with all this Breaking Bad sadness. I never watched the show.

8. I signed up for Booktober swap at Land of Candy Canes

9.  Tonight.









10.  I am having a Thirty-one party on the 19th. If anyone wants to order anything follow the link. The products are amazing. I can answer most questions because I have an addiction.



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