Friend or Foe

June 12, 2013

What makes someone a good friend?

What qualities does it take?


Hmmm, I am willing to bet these are questions everyone has asked themselves at least once in life. I have come up with a number of answers. For Starters a good friend should understand you and accept you for who you are and not what you should be – according to them. A good friend should be able to keep your secrets and never divulge them to a third person under any circumstances – except when it’s for your own good. A good friend should give you an honest opinion – not a diplomatic opinion – when asked. He/she should be critical of you when criticism is warranted. They should bring you back to earth if you are floating in your own delusional world. They should not be bothered about offering blunt advice if that’s what is needed.

Along side of those few things a good friend would be someone…

who expects no favors back from you and does not value your worth based on favors returned.

who would be a selfless person who values your friendship more than material gains that can be had through his/her association with you.

would be someone who stands by you through thick and thin and supports you in your most difficult and darkest hours.

would never leave your side when you need them the most.

that doesn’t judge you for your shortcomings; instead, offers suggestions and advice to help you overcome those weak points.

whom you can count on when the rest of your family and supposed friends walk out on you.

who believes in you and supports you when all the rest think you are a goner and desert you.

Obviously, if you find someone who carries all of these qualities. Hold on to them, don’t be stupid. They are a rare breed and you’d do well to appreciate their worth and keep them.



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