Ten on Tuesday

August 27, 2013

Lately it feels like I only write on Tuesdays.

1.  VMA’s: I didn’t watch them. I did however watch Miley’s and Justin Timberlakes performances. I watched JT with the hopes that NYSNC would reunite and live happily ever after.  What I found was 30 somethings hoping around to my old favorite dance moves singing my old favorite songs but it was just not the same. We are not teens anymore, I have finally accepted my NYSNC days are over. Now Miley, I watched because I needed to find out what all the talk was about. I heard about huge bears, motor boating, riding a foam finger and how crazy her tongue looked. I have to admit, I like Miley. What I don’t understand is how everyone is up in arms over this girls performance. Yes it was ridiculous and trashy. Yes she was riding a foam finger, panting like a dog but she is 20 years old and well frankly I can’t speak for everyone but when I was 20 I was an idiot. I probably would have loved her performance.  Shit I probably originated that performance the only difference is I was not in the spot light. Maybe years from now she will regret her decisions but for now I think they are OK. She appears to be pretty normal all things considered from growing up as a child star. She couldn’t be Hannah Montana forever everyone. Lastly, good job MTV. You did exactly what you set out to do, be the talk of the town for days to come.

2.  I have had black hair for as long as I can remember.  Last week I decided that I wanted to go back to my natural hair color which is a shade of blonde. My friend Sammi is always changing her hair and doing everyone else’s.  She sent me with a list to Sally’s. When I was in the store an associate came up to me and told me that the stuff I was buying was going to ruin my hair and that she was a color specialist and to buy this other product. I did. Sammi told me she never used the stuff before but it looks like it would work. Fast forward 35 minutes and my hair is literally smoking!! Yep that is right my hair was on fire. We ran and I drove into her shower and rinsed my hair. I was left looking like a leopard or sorts with blotches in my hair.  Obviously the associate at Sally’s was not a color specialist.

Fast forward to present and I am a ginger. I still have some black popping through but all in all I love it. Note the color in pictures in number three.

3. Nature walks are fun especially with my 6 nephews, sister and nana. I learned my 4-year-old nephew Devin can fit into 3-6 month clothes after swimming in a creek. Maybe not necessary but completely hysterical.

4. I have had this stomach bug for a few days now. I am not sure what is going on with me but I would like it to go away.

5. In less than a month I will be 30! WHOA.

6. My car was involved in a hit and run last week.  Hopefully it will be fixed by Thursday.

7.  I am currently obsessed with Katy Perry’s new song Roar. I sing was singing out load last night on the elliptical at the gym.



9.  Big Brother is killing me. I just want Amanda evicted.

10. I need book recommendations. I am all out of books. I am not sure how this happened but it did.




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