Ten on Tuesday.


1. Rocking Chairs Rock. 

My grandma gave me a lovely rocking chair that I really have no room for. I wish I lived in the country and had a wrap around porch where I could sit out on the rocking chair and enjoy a lovely spring or summer breeze. Since I don’t have that lovely porch, I was at a loss for what to do with this rocking chair. Naturally I decided to photograph myself and my friend with the chair in random places. National Historic Landmark? Why not.

2. Sunday Funday. 

I spend my day as a child exploring with a dear friend. We had planned a fun-filled trip to the Zoo but when we arrived the Zoo was packed and the line seriously wrapped around the place. Meghan suggested entering through the exit as her and her boyfriend did but I wasn’t down for a trip in the back of a cop car. We all know I would have been caught. I am highly disappointed everyone and their mother had the same idea about spending Sunday at the Zoo. We ended up at a fort. I mean what is better than cannons and castles? Nothing.


3. Gnats. 

I F***ing hate you!!! They are all over. They cause me to freak out, scream and panic. I had to run the other day away from them. I felt it was a huge non scale victory as I was able to run literally run away from these pest. At the end I think I ate about 12 of them and I snorted one up my nose. I am happy that these little guys only have a day life span because this is ridiculous. This is one of the negatives of spring time.

4. Stop. 


5. Raisins. 

They ruin almost everything. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy raisins on their own, but sometimes they show up in the most inappropriate places. And biting into a raisin in something where it does not belong is like the worst thing ever. No, I’m not exaggerating. Proof: a list of things that raisins always ruin.

Carrot cake
Trail mix
Cinnamon rolls
Celery with peanut butter

6. Ink.

New Ink coming soon. (Just a Public Service Announcement.)

7. Hummus.

I adore hummus of every kind but currently I am in love with Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.

8. Urban Dictionary. 

I have realized, I am probably the whitest white girl in the world. I am perfectly OK with this, but sometimes I need to know slang to flirt with certain boys. Although, I think the clueless girl routine is working for me. Needless to say this is my thank you to Urban Dictionary for helping me out in my times of need.

9. Babies.

Everyone I know is having babies. I love it. I get excited every time I receive another announcement. It is different from in the past when I received birth announcement. In the past sometimes I would have joy but other times I would be angry. Yes angry over babies. I have issues, obviously.





3 Responses to Ten on Tuesday.

  1. Katrin says:

    I love red pepper hummus so much!

  2. But I love raisins 😦

    That hummus looks tasty! The trouble with hummus is that I skip the veggies and go straight to the pitas, and I don’t stop until the package is gone 😀

  3. I dont understand what everyone’s fascination with hummus is cause I just can’t get on that bandwagon. I’m totally with you on raisins though. There’s certain things I like them in but definitely not in everything.

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