Mad Men

I have recently been searching for a new series to enjoy. I have heard wonderful things about Mad Men and I have wanted to see what it was all about for a long time now. I finally sat down to watch and I ended up watching 13 episodes in under 24 hours. It is great. The show is centered around various ad Men (and Women), it fits into nostalgic themes of cigarettes, sexism, cheating, etc.… where everyone is not who he says he is. I really have loved the first season. I will definitely be starting season 2.


Favorite Male Character, Don Draper. 

Did you expect me to pick anyone else? I am in love with Don, just like every other women on the planet. He is the creative director at Sterling Cooper where he is loved by all. Jon Hamm plays him so well. Alternating smoothly between the cheating husband, the loving man, and man hiding away his past, Jon Hamm pulls Don Draper off perfectly. Don Draper is adored by every woman who knows him: his wife, his client, Rachel, and even a Hobo woman he had a relationship with. And I can understand why. The way he talks and the way he smiles can make every woman swoon, including myself, of course. Especially myself.

Favorite Female Character, Joan Holloway.

Joan,  is the bombshell of Sterling Cooper. But just like every character on the show, there’s more to her than meets the eye. Yes, she’s fun. And yes she’s not looking for a husband anytime soon and is sleeping with one of the married partners in the firm, Roger, but she actually has a heart. Even though she sounds condescending and mean to Peggy, the new girl, sometimes. She always means well. She truly wants to help her. Mind you I dislike Peggy. I am not fully sure why but there is just something about her.

Betty Draper, The Character I didn’t think I would like but that I actually like. 

She’s a girl stuck in a married woman’s body who knows at some level that her husband is cheating on her but is ready to let it all go if he smiles to her or holds her hand. She’s a weakling but tries to put on a brave face. She’s a kid and everyone around her knows that. But the truth is all women at some point in their lives have some of the insecurities she has: worrying about getting older, about living and dying as just a housewife, or finding out that her husband is cheating on her. She’s what a typical 1960s suburban housewife would be like.

Glen Bishop, Creepiest kid on the planet. 

Son of a divorced Helen Bishop, Glen has a weird infatuation with his mother’s friend, Betty Draper. When Helen has to leave one night and can’t find a baby sitter, she asks Betty to babysit. Glen barges on Betty when she’s in the toilet. And after scolding him, he tells her how pretty she is and that he wants her hair. The even more creepy part? She gives him  lock of her hair. In the season finale, Betty runs into Glen at the parking lot, and she tells him that there’s no one she can talk to. He tells her he wishes her were older and holds her hand. And just then and there, Glen becomes her confidante. Oh, did I mention he’s only 9?

Coming up… Season 2



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