10 on Tuesday (on Wednesday)

1. Californication.

I decided I needed a new series to watch. I know have tried to get into breaking bad but it hasn’t happened. I really wanted to watch Big Love but it is not On Demand or Netflix. I have thought about watching Revenge. Ultimately, I opted for Californication. I have only watched one episode and I am unsure. I don’t love boobs enough to watch regularly. Anyone ever heard of House of Lies? If so is it any good.

2. Lush 

I have an addiction to their bath bombs and soaps. Oh and shampoo and face washes. Ok you got me, I am addicted to everything they have. I am aware the GIF below has nothing to do with Lush Cosmetics

3. Tangerines 

I love these little orange balls of goodness. I eat on average 5 a day. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I will report back on this.

4. Jessie’s Girl

For some reason people at work seem to love singing this song.

5. Zumba

I love Zumba. I shake it like a skank 3 days a week.


6,  The Croods

I seen the croods tonight and it was adorable. I loved it. I laughed and even cried but mostly laughed. I loved Emma Stone, She did amazing.

7. Starbucks.

The other day Starbucks I ordered my normal but something amazing happened. I was given my coffee for free. Yes I had a free drink on my card but he didn’t take it. I even mentioned he forgot to scan my card but he said no worries it was on him. This has made my week.

8. Barbie Girl. 

On Spotify, I heard the lovely song Barbie Girl.  I love the 90s radio station. It made me think of my childhood best friend Stephanie. It made me think about my youth and how carefree it was. I may have even danced around my office.

9. Radio Head

In June 9, 1997, Radiohead performed at Irving Plaza after the release of their album OK Computer. The band’s guest list was a veritable Who’s Who of that era.




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