Run, Mud, Love, Read

Lately I have been thinking about goals. I have no idea where this life of mine will take me. I have learned recently the planned life is not always the best life.  I am not going to make a long drawn out list anymore but simply focus on things in the moment and those currently are:


Color Me Rad 5K. June 22, 2013 in Western NY. I think this will be great as my first running 5K.


Tough Mudder. While I don’t know what event I am going to do as of yet. I know I am going to do one. I have been doing at least an hour of Cardio daily and started the Tough Mudder training. Though, I think this will be more mental than physical.


Love the skin I am in. I have been having a really hard time loving myself from the outside in. I love who I am on the inside but I don’t love what I see on a daily basis. I have felt this way for some time now. A very wise friend recently told me I need to learn to love myself  completely. Otherwise I can do all the exercising I want and eat totally healthy and get no where. While I don’t know if I fully believe her. I do trust her and at the end of the day I do need to love myself completely. This has caused me to look at pictures of myself. I am not a picture person by any means and I don’t share them. I normally hate them all. I have found a  few that I can stand. With that my first step to loving myself… sharing me.

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I want to get back to reading on a daily basis. Over the last month I have not been reading as much as I once did. I have been sucked into the land of TV. I hope to get back to reading more.



2 Responses to Run, Mud, Love, Read

  1. tillie says:

    sounds like you have a pretty amazing friend there….I love you and you are beautiful inside and out. ❤ The first picture I think is my FAVORITE of all the girls I took….

  2. G’day from Australia – just wanted to send over a little bit of encouragement with your Tough Mudder goal…. set the date and go for it!

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