#GoTheDist 2012

Last Year, I started doing a little thing called Go The Distance brought to us by a lovely girl named Robby. I started doing it as away to keep track of my cycling and swimming. Over time though I have found it is an amazing support mechanism. Also the one thing I love more than anything it keeps me accountable. Now some months I need to have someone remind me to post but when I am feeling lazy I think about my goal and get moving. I have learned I am someone who needs goals and I need to meet them. This give me that opportunity.

This year it is set up a little different. Last year it was a monthly spreadsheet which i enjoyed but once I seen this new layout. Tracking goals yearly and broken down quarterly with a half-year and whole year non-food reward. I will admit my goal may not be massive but it is a treadmill/elliptical goal and anyone who knows me knows I hate running. I am a swimmer. I could swim for miles and miles, running not so much. That is where the challenge comes in for me. I am doing something I am learning to enjoy but not so much at this time. Plus I want a killer ass and everyone saying running is the way to it. My second choice is going to be just working out. I know it is very general but I want to keep it that way for a reason. I often work out but do different things at the gym and for this I have not set a certain goal. I am just interested in seeing monthly, quarterly, and yearly how many days I worked out. As for the rewards I choose new clothes because hopefully by then I will need a smaller size and a vacation. I did not choose a location yet but I will once I get closer achieving my goals.

Happy Running!


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