Operation Save My Tooth.

About a year and half ago I went to 2 different dentists. The first dentist who I did not like because of their huge corporate operation. I felt like a number not a patient. I decided to go to my friends dentist and as you can tell from my previous post I was happy there. I thought I had found my new dentist. Needless to say I continued to go there for the next year for cleanings and was always told everything was fine even when I mentioned the molar they filled was giving me a hard time. I recently had to find a new dentist because the country dentist was to much of a commute and the appointment times were not working for me. I found a new dentist not completely corporate not completely country.

When I am at the routine appointment the tooth from over a year ago is brought up. I knew it was a problem I knew that it just wasn’t right. It would shred dental floss and hurt for days on end then go back to normal. I didn’t complain about it though because I was told it was fine and started to believe these things were just in my head. I was shown X Rays and told that the cavity was far to big to be just filled in the first place and that now the cavity is pushing out the filling causing the dental floss to be shredded and then the decay is bad hence causing the pain. So much for a second opinion, I should have had the root canal in the first place. Needless to say I was off to a specialist for a root canal later that week. I will admit it went great this dentist was very sweet and fast at the whole procedure. I was told I had a temporary filling and that I would need to see my regular dentist again for a post and crown.

Fast forward 3 weeks and I am at my regular dentist and he has no chart no idea what went on and can not remove the temporary filling.   I am sure you can imagine my emotions in the dentist chair laying back and have my tooth drilled to bits by a man who jokes he is winging it. Then he stops and sits me up and very seriously then says “I don’t know if I can save the tooth.” I was thinking “What the bleep you can’t save the tooth I have spent $300.00 and ready to spend $200.00 more today and countless days of pain and you can’t save the damn tooth.” but I only said “please explain.” He did. He told me the decay went down to fair into the gums and that while he could save the tooth now it probably would need pulled in 10-15 years. I wish he would have led with that because I can handle that. Though if I had to do it all over again I would have just pulled the tooth this time. After another 2 hours of drilling filing etc. He places a temporary crown on my tooth and tells me the type of crown he can order. He recommends silver or gold because it will hold up better. I never have been so excited at the dentist. I jump on the chance to have a gold tooth. Who cares if it is the last tooth in my mouth. I am going to have Lil Wayne tooth. Granted most will never see it but I am excited. I have to say as lame as this may sound I am happy I got a root canal because now I get a gold tooth.

I go back on the 7th of December and I hope he doesn’t have to wing it. I also hope he doesn’t have to drill and that I am in and out of that appointment.  For now I have my tooth, I have no pain and soon my mouth will be blinged out.


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