7 Day Chip

I found a community of Twitter called 7 day chip. I think it is fantastic. I did great on my first chip went nice and easy. I tracked, tracked, tracked. I felt great and then I fell off the bandwagon. I just didn’t follow again. I am back on the wagon and I am doing great and on day 3 of the 7 day chip.

I figured out what I need to do. I need to not go for the 30 day chip right away. I am a week by week person which is why Weight Watchers works so well for me. I need to celebrate small goals. I need to know I am heading in the right direction even if it is in baby steps at a time. I know someday I will get there.



2 Responses to 7 Day Chip

  1. You sure picked my curiosity with your #7daychip and I will look it up! Thanks for the info and keep up your hard work! 🙂

  2. While I don’t do the chip thing I am all about the method behind it. Meal by meal, day by day, week by week turns into year by year.

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