Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is about the last time I posted really anything as I stated in my last post there is any reason for that but this post is going to be to tell you about Memorial Day weekend. (Most Photos have been lost in my old phone.)

My weekend started out peaceful with a drive in the country checked out some Amish stands and farmer markets. I love farmers markets. Then I helped Christa and her daughters with a Hot Dog to support our local animal shelter. The next day I went over my bosses house. It all started out great. A little ping pong and little conversations with Kelly.

Then his daughter mentions the pool water was cold and of course I disagreed because I seen how high the temperature was set. As I go to stick my foot in to feel the water WHaM BaMM BOOM I am in the water. I kick his granddaughter in the head, whacked my head and my leg but what was my first reaction?  It was, grab my phone from my bra and get it out of the water. I should have seen how the kid was I should have seen how I was but no I was so concerned with my phone. Oh and my drink it was now pool water, Vitamin water and Vodka. Needless to say that is not tasty after the spill.

Everyone was super nice and I was just worried about my phone. We placed it in a bowl of rice. Don at first thought we could substitute the rice for potato flakes. I am still happy I talked him out of this. Later I found out rice was not a good idea either because it made the problem worse. Of course to combat the anxiety of the phone lose I decided to keep drinking. I am not feeling pain and my toe is seriously bruised and swollen.

As the night progresses I end up making a bar-tending deal with a 12-year-old girl. I Throw up in my boss’s sink as his wife holds my hair and pass out in their bed. I must say the AC was lovely in their plus I was in no way capable of driving home. The next morning I am up bright and early and out the door to Immediate treatment of course after Verizon. The toe is broken and I bought a HTC Thunderbolt. I am in love with the phone not the toe.

Fast forward 2 months I still love the phone and the toe is great except when I wear my heels which is everyday. I still say though it was a great start to the summer.


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