The Genderless Baby

Congratulations it is an IT!

The morning shows and talk shows and “blogosphere” is all abuzz about Storm – the Canadian baby whose parents are refusing to acknowledge its sex.  At 4 months old, only 6 people (parents, brothers, and the midwives who delivered it) know if Storm will like dolls or trucks.   Everyone’s in a huff about the roles of gender in society, the responsibility on the toddler siblings to keep this secret and the moment in time when this child (who, let’s just say it, looks like a boy) notices his peen and wants to give it a name.  Probably a boy’s name.

I feel like a monster calling this child “it”.  Yeah, it has a name, but we live in a world of pronouns and I feel like I’m referring to a dog or a mutant every time I say it.  Even worse, the poor grandparents of this baby probably want nothing more than to put it in a dress or camo overalls and can’t because it’s an IT!

I wonder are they doing the right thing. I believe that we should raise our children to be open and free to be whoever they want to be but are they confusing the baby. Can you raise your baby genderless? I guess it doesn’t matter IT is beautiful. Boy or girl this baby is beautiful but I still wonder. I do agree we should allow our children to be who they want to be and let them dress themselves pick out there books and toys but it seems sort of selfish and attention seeking to think that later in life your baby to pick his or her gender is a little crazy. Kids are not blank slates we are born with male brains and girl brains and personalities. Can we just ignore them? I do not think we can.

Jazz and Kio the older siblings are told to be free spirits and grow the way they wish to grow. Great wonderful, I love it but poor Jazz has already felt the heat you could say of being raised in this gender free world. Kids are mean and not everyone is accepting of pink dresses and earrings on a little boy. I am not saying this is wrong if my son ever wanted to wear a pink dress I would say wear it proud but I would also make sure he knew what the other kids would say not lead him to believe we live in a genderless world because well we don’t.


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