Netflix, Glee, Wii Oh MY.

Last week I purchased a Wii finally. I got it for the sole purpose of wanting Netflix because I was stick of only watching my current obsession of Glee on my computer at work and at home. Yes Glee takes up a lot of my time.I was silly and signed up for the watch instantly and the one DVD in the mail package because I have my first movie sitting on my kitchen table now for exactly a week not watch. Not even thought of. I think I need to either watch it or get off this plan and only the watch instantly plan before I lose the DVD and I am charged $98.99 for a $12.99 movie. As for Glee I have wound up not watching it or any other show on the Wii at home yet. Mostly because I am not home a lot and I have too much saved on my DVR. Plus I have to get up off my sorry lazy butt and switch the cords. Stupid Direct TV and not giving me the right HD receiver box. But then I bought Glee Karaoke last night at Game Stop and I am in love. I see these investments turning around all because of a little show called Glee. Now you get to watch a few of my favorite renditions. Yay Glee!


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