Things that go buzz in the night…

The other night I had a Tastefully Simple Party and after that a 4-Play (Sex Toy) Party. I have learned my friends and family are much more into sex than they are into food. I venture to say that is a good thing. Exercise over food? Probably not, we like our food. I think we are just perverts.

Recap of the night..

Not many people for the Tastefully part but the people who did come (I love my family,) ordered enough to not make me feel like a retard for wasting this girls time. Then again when I think about it oh well I was doing my cousinly duty booking a party off of hers. Now I have all types of naughty food being delivered to me for free.

I have decided guest can smoke inside but only in the kitchen blowing smoke out the window. Rather funny watching grown men huddling around a window instead of going out in the cold to smoke.

Everyone complimented my home. I am glad because lately I have been doing some painting and redecorating and I am not much of a decorating genius but everyone really liked it and loved my picture collage. I am going to give myself a pat on the back.

One of the boys at the party ended up having the leave the room during the sex toy portion of the party. Dear god I hope he wasn’t doing what we all think he was doing in the bathroom.

My sister A can seriously kill a Key lime Cheese ball, all she needs is a spoon.

Everyone joked about me and my bondage set… come on people. Everyone has thought about it even if it isn’t there cup of tea. I figure who am I to judge until I try it. I will let you know how it goes.

I love Mango Mojitos.

Not a fully eventful night but hey.. I ended up with a shit load of free food and sex toys. What more could a girl need?


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