Losing Sarah

As most people know I am a curvy fat girl. I have always been curvy but over the last say 5 years of my life I have become just fat. I have became uncomfortable in my skin. For the last several months I have been working out more and working toward that place I was at several years ago when I loved my body. I recently joined weight watchers. I am still getting use to tracking everything I eat but over all it is working out well. I am not looking to be a skinny girl because I love my curves.  I just want to be healthy and in love with myself which will lead to my life goal of happiness. (I am currently happy but I could always be happier.)

Current Weight is well not something I am ready to share but I promise someday I will. Current size 20-22w and I am ready to go down. I have found amazing resources online such as : Skinny Emmie. She makes losing weight fashionable. The Great Clothing Exchange. Because who has the money to spend a fortune on clothes while losing weight. Fat Girl vs. The World. This girl is one of the most motivating people I have met online. I suggest everyone check her out as well as Going the Distance that is mentioned on her blog. There are others but I have not mentioned them as of yet but I will as time goes on.



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  1. Louis says:

    ok now i get it…

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