40 days… Lent is here.

Today is Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of lent. I have thought a lot about what I will give up this year and I debated giving up wine but figure nope don’t drink enough wine to make it count. Also I love wine and I am not giving it up. I thought about giving up Twitter but I have an addiction. Then I came across someone saying they were giving up Charlie Sheen and yes I know it was a joke to them but to me a light bulb went off and I was serious. I am giving up Charlie Sheen. You wonder what that actually means well I am going to tell you. It means I am not going to read any gossip magazines or watch any gossip shows, I will no longer tweet about tiger blood or winning and I will not talk about him for hours with F and M from work.  This does not only include him I will not be partaking in the conversations about Lindsay Lohan and did she or did she not steal a necklace or any other celebrity gossip. Frankly Charlie Sheen needs help and me sitting watching the TV in awe and joking about him on this blog or on Twitter is not going to help him if anything it is going to make it worse. Maybe giving Charlie up for lent is a joke but hopefully more people do and then he can sit back and get the help he needs. Tiger Blood does not last forever.

I am also giving up fast food. I am done the stuff is horrible for you even if super easy and cheap. I will eat an apple or a homemade sandwich instead. I feel better inside and out already.


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