Last week it started with a slight cough. I thought it was because I have been so smug about all the people in my life getting sick. I knew I was going to get mine and this cough would not just stay a slight cough.

Trying to be proactive and slightly crazy I raided all my old antibiotics and came across what I got last time I was sick. Don’t worry they were not really old it is only from when I had nothing other than Pneumonia. How someone gets this shit twice in one year let alone 6 months baffles me. I also should add that this antibiotic I found did not help last time but I figured maybe last time it was too late in the game it progressed to far but that this time they would work. I was taking them for about 5 days as directed and nothing was happening. I was have chills and hot flashes more than my 50 something year old mother does. I was coughing this wicked cough that would lead to me throwing up. Food was not tasting the same or even tempting to me. We know I am fat I love food. I would breathe and feel like I was growling as I could feel something rolling in my chest. Basically I just wanted to curl up and well sleep or die whatever would happen first.

Finally last Friday I said something to my doctor and I did the whole chest XRay and found out I have pneumonia yet again. He was concerned why this was happening and yes I am following up with a different doctor but for now I am on the super antibiotic I was on last time. It is called Avelox. My sister was very concerned last time and even says this time I should would not take it but I am in love it took away my pain before and I am looking forward to it doing the same this time. I am also enjoying a Medrol Pack. I lie I am not really enjoying it because it causes crazy heart burn and sweating but on the upside it makes me super peppy and ready to go. As you can see I am up way past my bed time. I also have an Albuteral Nebulizer, Atrovent Nebulizer and Tessalon Perles. Referring to the last medicine my verdict is out on if they work. I know it wasn’t going to stop the coughing all together but come on it doesn’t appear to be working at all. I have spent several days in bed and I am finally feeling a little better. I am hoping a few more days and I will be good to go.

This has been very good my diet well because I have not eaten anything but I wish I was able to kick ass at the gym. I will be back just need sometime to heal.


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