Sexy Pictures…

I had a friend recently who was semi seeing a guy. Wondering what I mean by semi seeing a guy? I mean they would text 24/7 (usually initiated by him,) go see movies, flirt (once again initiated by him,) and well hook up (no sex was ever involved but it definitely was not G-rated by any means.)

First I should probably explain how she was always very clear she would not be a booty call. Which is the type of relationship this guy said he normally has. He did give the full disclosure that he never had a real relationship before. Now that is fine but I cant help but feel like in this relationship it was understood that this would not be the case. The guy even played the good guy and said he was OK with that and appreciated that she would never be a girl like that and respected herself enough not to do those types of things. Now fast forward about 2 months into this semi seeing each other state and one night they are messaging as they always do. The snow was pretty bad so he couldn’t make it over to hang out this night. She receives the following message.

Sexy Pic Guy: Well i didnt think u would have mind getting some from me u do send me sexy pics lol

Now I am torn is this something you get upset about or is this just something to brush off your shoulder.

Friend replies: Huh?

SPG: Sorry a friend sent me that she sent it 2 the wrong person

Friend: Suuurrreee and you sent it to me? Odd gonna call bullshit on that.

SPG: I was sending it back 2 her

Friend: and with that saying goodnight.

SPG: im serious

Friend: So am I.

SPG: her name is ****** 2 shes having trouble wit her BF

SPG: she was talking 2 me as she was talking 2 him

Friend: Yep ok. Goodnight.

SPG: im serious but u dont believe me ok then have a goodnight.

This is the end of that evening’s conversation. The next day she never writes him and he briefly writes her almost as if nothing is wrong. Then next day she is at work and carries on a meaningless conversation on Facebook with SPG. After she finishes talking with him, I guess she felt she had to get somethings off her chest because this story was not sitting well with her. She told him she didn’t believe what he had said and that it made her sort of disgusted that he was doing the same things with another girl especially after he knew how she felt and how he told her that he wouldn’t make her a piece of meat. She pointed out the flaws in his story mainly being that this random text from a friend was wrote exactly has he expresses himself and that he has said almost the same statement to her before. As well as the fact that the BF/GF story doesn’t make sense. I have never been in a relationship where troubles led to me defending sending naughty pictures. Last time I checked the pictures helped the troubles. She does throw her heart out there a little by telling him she liked him more than she should have but ultimately it was her telling him the jig was up she was done with him and wanted him to know that she was hurt. I can understand that who doesn’t want to let the person know that hurt them that they are a piece of garbage.

His reply to all of this was: i told you what happened and im not gonna argue about it. believe then ok. if you dont then fine. fine dont believe me but dont be throwing it in my face im not gonna argue over it.

My friend is dramatic fashion replied thanking him for reassuring her that good guys don’t exist and then wishes him luck.

I have to admit I do side with my friend. Just from the brief pieces I have seen here it is obvious it was the same person writing them. But for the sack of argument was she jumping the gun or was she completely right for how she reacted. I have to say I think Sexy Picture Guy is going to be a loser forever and well just a picture guy. I hope that is cool for him.

Lucky for me I know there is good guys out there mind you they are in disguise and hard to find but they do exist.


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