YouTube Favorites

After a recent strike of boredom I have  complied a list of my 5 all time favorite YouTube videos. The requirement is that they have to be classic and consistently funny, regardless of how much time has passed. I’m sharing mine here so I can remember them forever.

#5 – “What? No!” scene from The Happening

The only time I liked Mark Wahlberg acting was in Boogie Nights but that was because his role required him to act like an idiot. This is probably why I’m never going to watch The Fighter.

#4 – Kid Pool Jump Fail

This was probably the first video online I would watch on a loop, back in 2003. I bet that kid is like 45 now.

#3 – Dancing Ponies

Am I the only one in the world who thinks dancing horses are the most ridiculous things ever? I can do a pretty good imitation of them, too. Just ask.

#2 – I Like Turtles

Need I say more?

#1 – Grape Stomp Lady

This was the number one pick for everyone. If you’ve never seen this video before or don’t think it’s hilarious, then let me know so I can delete you from my friends list.





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