November Goals…

Treadmill 75 Miles.

Swim 50 Miles.

Overall eat healthier, no more living off cinnamon toast crunch and spaghetti-o just because they are easier.  I am a good cook wait let me try that again I am an amazing cook. I should be making dinner every night instead of going to simple route. During the day when working I should be eating fruit. Lately I have been starving myself and that is not healthy either.

Finish all my Christmas Shopping. I always wait til the last minute and stress myself out I should not be doing that. Who needs even more stress during holiday season? Not me.

Comb my hair daily even if I feel like just throwing it up. I have got into such a horrible habit of just letting it go. It doesn’t look horrible but I am a firm believer in that the more effort you put forth the better you will feel.

Lost 1 pants size yes that is right one size not 2 or 3 just one for now. I don’t see why this will not happen because I am eating better and working out daily. I am not going to focus on a number on a scale because it is more about being comfortable.

Be calm. I get so worked up over work and even my family brings me to tears sometimes. I just need to step back breath and calm down.

Remember to take my vitamins everyday.

NO coffee I repeat No coffee no caffeine at all this month.. Also I have to say I am going to limit my over all alchol intake. I don’t drink more than wine but even that has to much sugar and bad things… so cutting back is a must.. which leads to my next goal.

NO sugar. Yep that is right no sugar. I don’t mean good sugar from fruit because I love fruit. I mean no candy bars or other just no good stuff.

Maybe these are not that lofty of goals but they are baby steps to a better healthier me.


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