I don’t know what it is about sister wives but I do find myself tuning in on Sunday nights. I find the show interesting but at the same time it is like I want to reach out and save these women. Then again I don’t know if they want to be saved. I tired to save sex slaves before and that didn’t work out to well. Myself and an old friend thought once while reading a local Newspaper when I lived in Boston that we should reach out and try to help these women with ads in the paper. Needless to say these women did not want to be saved. Mind you all were foreign and barely spoke English but all we ended up getting was harassing phone calls about sex over the next few days.

This week a new baby was born and that all seemed great. They normally have home births but this time choose to go to the hospital in case of complications. They say the reason they don’t normally go to the hospital is because they are judged and that the husband could be arrested. First I would like to point out I am all for home births, I myself would probably have one over going to the hospital but the reason behind it is what gets me.  I am a firm believer if you honestly are a believe in the things you are doing in life then you will not care what others think of you. For example if I believed purple and Yellow polka dots were the best fashion out there today and wore it everyday. I would think I looked like a million dollars and wouldn’t care what anyone else thought of me when they looked at my glamorous polka dots. I know not exactly as serious as polygamy and religion but you get the idea. If you are really happy with your life ladies and really believe in what you are doing who cares what everyone else thinks. The other part of it being illegal and Kody being arrested. I wonder, is this something they worry about a lot is it the reason why they home school the kids, basically is it the basis for a lot of there decisions. Who would want to live with that what if all the time? I do applaud them for realizing they may have been complications and doctors may have been needed and put that before themselves. Luckly the baby was prefect with no complications.

The next episode on Sunday night focused on his relationship with his first wife Meri. I should add she is my favorite. Maybe it is because she is number one maybe it is just her personality but either way she has my vote. At the beginning of the episode their daughter Mariah is sharing with her dad how she wants to go into the Naval Academy. She is a freshman in High School now. He tells her she will need to work hard and that he believe she can do it. At this point I am like wow he is a supportive father and wants his children to reach for the dreams they have. But then he also tells her that she might not be able to do this because her parents are polygamists. Telling her she would need recommendations that she most likely wouldn’t get because of the lifestyle she was raised in. Now this mad me angry. I don’t think a child should ever be judged for the decisions their parents made. She did not choose to be born to these particular parents. I understand it is illegal and that is frowned upon but that is not of Mariahs doing. I hope she gets to go to the Naval Academy or where ever she wishes to go and become whatever she dreams of being. She says a doctor now but she is 14 years old and we all know that could change. I mean at that age I think I still wanted to be lion trainer. Also during this episode I realize Meri is human. She is just like every other women and is jealous and angry with her husbands behavior. I loved when she pulled the line and asked him how would you feel if I was dating another man. Bamm!! I loved it. He just sits during every episode with this smug look on his face I sort of just want to bitch smack off his face. He does manage to spend some alone time with Meri on a trip for their 20th wedding anniversary in Mexico.

This episode ended with previews for next week… Robin’s wedding.


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