One year and one day later…

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Chip McCarthy’s tragic death. I started thinking about it all about a week ago.

I wonder does time really heal everything? I mean the man was not even the huge part of my life as he once was anymore but I miss him.

Does the passing of Birthdays, Holidays and Anniversaries for the first time make the future ones easier? I don’t know these answers. I pray they do, I still can’t imagine what my friend Stephanie and her family who I love very much is going through. Through all this I wish I was a better friend wish I was there more for her and that time and distance wasn’t part of our relationship.

I wonder am I suppose to feel more pain for one member of their family then another? I don’t think so but I do. Last year at this time I felt worse for Mrs. McCarthy. How could I not… she lost the love of her life, her soul mater and father to her children. Today though I feel worse for Taliana his granddaughter. I posted a few days ago a post I wrote last year at this time and everything I shared showed how good of a man he was and only a glimpse of it. Taliana will never have those memories of her own will never experience his love his amazing personality and a Grandpas love. Now while I personally have no children I have 4 beautiful nephews and I know how much Grandpa means.

But.. while there is sadness and the pain won’t go away. We know the world has one more angel, he is with God and is in good hands.


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