Swimming lesson

I have always felt swimming was of those necessary skills for many reasons. First who know when you are going to end up in a large body of water and basically just need to tread water to survive. Then there are those times when you are around other kids who want to swim and really lets face it who wants to look like the weirdo who can’t swim.

I myself have known how to swim since a young age. My parents taught me in our backyard pool and what they did not teach me I learned at swimming lessons. I was on the swim team and by high school one of the best swimmers in my local area.

Last year I came to the startling realization that my then 8 year old nephew could not swim. He explained to me the other kids picked on him for this lack of swimming. I felt I had to show him how to swim. I mean really what else are super cool aunts for. That was easy I went with the tough kick your legs approach and just threw him. Not literally but let him go for it. He got it.

This year I have decided I am not waiting till my younger nephew Zachary is 8 year olds to teach him how to swim. We have leaped in feet first and success. He is now a leg kicking arm swirling amateur swimmer. His kart wheel still might be better than his doggie paddle but it is a start.


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