Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

Bedbugs have entered my life and made me itch.  My boyfriends apartment has a slight bedbug problem this has been on going since November.  Now that the problem has been spanning months it has to end.

Back in November after sleeping at his place I awoke a few days later with thousands of bed bug bites. I knew he was dealing with the problem a few days earlier he told me about the crisis and was cleaning everything. I assumed that was all you had to do to get rid of the little guys. Man was I wrong, I knew nothing neither did he. I come to find out some people have reactions others don’t. I was one of the lucky who have reactions. My skin crawled with the itching. I was applying hydrocodone cream hourly and nothing was helping.  It got so bad I went to the emergency room where they gave me a shot of some amazing drug that made the itching stop for a few hours. A few days past and the bites were gone. Yet once again when I spent the night I was food for these horrible parasite. We were both wrong all the cleaning in the world would not get rid of them.

At this point the boyfriend had an exterminator come and take care of the issue. He tore down all the posters in his room ripped out the rug. This guy was hardcore bedbug guy. The bed was now sealed into a mattress cover and all was good. I mean the room was barren where could they be living? Fast forward to 3 weeks ago and they are back. It started by him telling me he killed on the wall. Then it turned into he seen some under his sheets. I spend the night and I felt like a test subject. If they were there they would bite me. They did, I was chewed up once again. At this point he doesn’t know what it is but we look at the mattress cover to see the little guys are getting through. The suggested mattress cover buy hardcore bug guy was a fail. I have to admit I am slightly pissed. I am one of those people you pay for a service you better get the damn service. Needless to say out of selfish I don’t want to be bite again reasons, I order this expensive bedbug mattress cover. He puts it on and I feel good about the source being cut off. I ordered new pillows and blankets.

I am feeling pretty good they will be gone but to make sure it has turned into him throwing out his dresser and desk, calling the exterminator back (there is a 1 year thingie.) He is boxing up all his CDs and DVDs and rewashing all this clothes and not putting them back in the room until he is sure they are gone. I agree with all of this and he is going to get a new bed. I feel that the cover would work but I understand and also know it is a little creepy sleeping on bugs even if they are inside a bag.

Basically begbugs suck!!

Here are my wounds:


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