The Blind Side

I searched high and low for this movie. First I went to Target they were all sold out. I went to five different Red Box movie rent machines they were all sold out. Back to Target again and still no luck. Finally tonight I found The Blind Side. I heard amazing things about this movie and needed to sit down and see what it was all about. I grabbed myself a nice cup of tea and curled up for the movie. I was very happy I found this movie. I just finished watching it at a little after 3am and I feel alive than I have in awhile. At the same time slightly sad.

I know my own personal Leigh Anne Tuohy. I once had a friend who was like a second mother to me. She was loving and caring and the best woman I have ever met. She quickly became my best friend and thanks to my own mistakes she is no longer in my life. She was as Republican as they come, Christian, a business woman and a mother. In the course our of friendship, she opened her heart to me, her family and her home. See at this point in my life I was not doing so well. Yes it is true, I was not like Michael Oher. I was an adult and I was not homeless or with a family. I was still lost though. I was in an abusive relationship, trying to figure out where I fit in this world,  and crumbling trying to connect with my family on any level. She was there for me. A phone call or a train ride away. I felt as if her son was a brother and when I spoke to her I knew someone loved me. Just me. Just this lost little girl.  I remember after I came out to visit her offering for me to come live with her and piece together my life. I never took her up on that offer. I should have. I don’t know if it was me picking recyclables out of her garbage or drinking wine out of a mistakingly cut box but somehow with her I felt ok. I felt safe and as if I belonged. We talked a lot that night I wish we could have talk more but I had my own personal demons I had to conquer. I wish she could know I am ok and I thank her for changing my life.

I should mention I am a democrat. She always told me I was closer to the right than I want to admit. I still wonder is that the case? She taught me so much in a short period of time because of her I believe there has to be someone out there bigger than ourselves. I also know how to make homemade candles and sea salt. This movie really made me remember her and I wanted the world to know that not all Christan Republican women NRA members are bad or even close.  I know one that changed my life.


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