Toy Guns

The other day I had the pleasure of having a cavity filled. I have to point out I was ecstatic that I did not need the root canal that my previous over priced over sized corporate dentist had told me I needed.

A little over a month ago I realized after a lovely lunch with my friend that my tooth was feeling a little different and my tongue kept wondering to it. After I had her try to solve the problem and well we quickly realized she is by no means a dentist. I called and made an appointment at my regular dentist. It was an emergency visit the next morning. Ok maybe it wasn’t really an emergency but who is going to really know that? I played up the pain a little and got into be seen. I like my smile and when I am motivated to do something I have to do it right at then.

He basically made the tooth that did not hurt in the beginning hurt. I was told I had two options a root canal or pull it. Now at 26 years of age I am not ready to have my tooth pulled. I quickly sign up for a root canal on my number 2 molar. I am told the closest appointment is a month away. I leave with my appointment card and my tooth hurting far worse than I could ever imagine. About 3 weeks past and I am only days away from the root canal. My friend the same friend who played dentist went to her local county dentist. I think what the hell I better go all out and call for an appointment for a simple routine cleaning. I am told the closest appointment they have for that is over another month away. Later talking with my friend she tells me to call her dentist. I do and I get an appointment the next day. I go and they applaud my teeth and say how amazing they are and I of course smiled a little more that day. I warned the dentist that I had a root canal planned and not to judge my molar. X-rays were taken and I was informed I have a small cavity that will need to be filled.  A small Cavity??? I was told I was going to lose my tooth unless I had this expensive dental procedure! I am livid at this point and relieved I didn’t spend my $1400.00 on my tooth yet. Granted if needed I would have but it was not needed.

I admit I was slightly skeptical. How could this small country dentist know more than my big time overpriced dentist? I quickly realize this dentist has people that have been coming to him forever and they all seem to have brilliant smiles. I go to my dentist and all I hear is complaints about the rude behavior, costs and the wait for appointments. Why am I not hearing these same concerns at this little country office? It hit me this dentist is not in business to make a million dollars or to own the biggest baddest dentist office in all of New York. He is merely a dentist to fix teeth. Which is the function of a dentist. I never thought I would be in a dentist office where there was deer heads hanging from the walls and a stuffed turkey on display but I felt at ease. I left my appointment that day with another appointment for the next day to get my small cavity filled.

The next day I arrive and while sitting in the waiting room for only roughly 5 minutes was surprised with a pleasant conversation with the receptionist. I am use to a 30 minute wait in a freezing cold waiting room where I watch a movie on the huge flat screen TV about teeth whiten and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. When called back I am greeted with a smile and laughs. I did not even wait 5 minutes before the dentist was in. I am use to white lab coats and space quality goggles. He is wearing jeans, blue dress shirt and a buzz light year tie. I chuckle inside my head. Somehow in the small chit chat we get on the topic of Target and Walmart. I express I am ok with Target but not so much with Walmart. He goes into how he could not buy a toy gun for his grandson. I explain my hatred for gun and agree with the policy about not selling guns. I believe I amused him at this point and the conversation moves to fishing and we discus my fishing trips with my father as a child. I could handle this leisurely peaceful atmosphere. About 15 minutes later my cavity is filled and no pain was involved.

I guess the point of the story is… Big is not always better. More expensive does not mean quality and a smile can go a long way.


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