Give it up

Lately I have been dealing with an idiot. Yes that is write a fucking idiot. This person I speak of is my ex boyfriends current girlfriend. Yes the ex boyfriend I have referred to in the previous post. Really I don’t get it. Why contact me when you think you won this amazing man. This prince charming. I am happy for you. I am happy I don’t have him and that I have moved on to find a wonderful man.

I guess I should give some background on this. My current boyfriend went to High school with this girlie. Also this girlie I guess was my friend. I use that word loosely. When the ex and I broke up she was a very good pretender acting as if she cared. While really she  was banging my ex in cheap hotel rooms.

Fast forward to now.

I am in court for the ex still and she feels the need to message my boyfriend with these ridiculous warnings about me being evil. Funny really. We have one number blocked with Verizon and she goes and changes her number to continue with these warnings and en-lighting moments she has about Billy Joel.  Pretty funny but really can’t help but think — Pathetic– get over it. I know you once loved my boyfriend and I understand that he rejected you and that you got the bum end of the deal with a woman beater and cheater but luck of the draw I guess. You say how happy you are and I am happy for you. Go claim your happiness and give it up already. It is really getting old.


One Response to Give it up

  1. Kathleen says:

    I was not an idiot. I just believed the wrong person. So I am sorry.

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