Ex Files

Today I had to revisit the lovely city court yet again for my ex. I didn’t see him went directly to the DAs office, spoke with her and was on my way out the door. Months ago I was unable to not think about him. Wonder what he was doing what he would be wearing to court and have this emotional connection to him but I don’t anymore. I am proud of myself. To many that might not seem like a lot but he tortured me and I never thought I would get over it.  I didn’t realize this today I realized this a few weeks ago when I seen him in court. We exchanged about 5 sentences. He looked at me like he always did and before that would have sent me into this state of craziness but he didn’t effect me at all. I didn’t care what he was feeling, thinking, wearing. He was just a man that I have no emotions for good or bad. Big steps.


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